2011 Carts in the Parc Pictures

Food Trucks Galore at Carts in the Parc

Food Trucks Galore at Carts in the Parc

From seminars to tastings and everything in between, I've had a lot of fun attending this year's NYC Wine & Food Festival. But even though I loved the grand tasting and Friday night's star-studded Burger Bash, if you ask me, the best event of the weekend was Carts in the Parc, an outdoor gathering of more than a dozen food trucks that are not just a quintessential part of New York's food scene, but a seminal influence on the street food movement in general. From chicken biryani to Chinese pickles and pork, this event had world-class everything. Keep reading to take another look at the Carts in the Parc Event at the NYC Wine & Food Festival.