2011 Grand Cochon

A Glimpse at Aspen's Grand Cochon

Each chef made pretty intricate plates! This one was by Public in New York City. I saved the small jar of rilletes to enjoy at a later time.

The final event of the Food and Wine Classic is a pork showdown known as the Grand Cochon. Cochon 555 is a roaming culinary competition that takes place in 10 cities across the nation. In each of the cities, five chefs are given five heritage pigs; they have to make the most creative and delicious pork dishes. The winner from each city heads to Aspen to fight it out for the Prince of Porc title. After an entire weekend of eating and drinking, it was hard to stomach all 10 dishes, but I did manage to taste a lot of them. Here's an inside look at the porky party.