Last week I told you step-by-step how I was planning my Halloween party. I showed you the invitations, the menu, the drinks and the decor. The party took place this past Saturday and although it was a fabulous success and the majority of my guests had a glorious time, there are a few things to make note of for the next time.

Here are my after party reflections:

  • Leave the frozen berries out of the
    Dangerously Delicious Punch

    . Unless you want to spend the next day rubbing berry stains out of your carpet, it's best to not garnish punch at a large party.

  • I would have liked a picture of everyone who came in their costume. Next time I will set up a Halloween costume photo shoot area and ask guests to snap themselves with an old Polaroid when they arrive.
  • Don't offer Halloween candy that comes in wrappers. The house was littered with Kit Kat and Skittle wrappers by the end of the night.
  • Put a large towel under the keg. We put a small one underneath it, but the condensation was so bad that the floor ended up getting slippery and wet.

For more on my Halloween party, including a virtual tour of the space before the party began, read more