35-Plus Dips For a Delish Memorial Day Feast

May 25 2013 - 6:00am

A winning Memorial Day meal should be easy, fun, and delicious. What better way to bring all those ideas together in a bowl than with a tasty dip? To encourage you to go for a dip this Memorial Day, we've rounded up more than 30 salsas, cheesy dips, tapenades, and more in order to get your creative juices flowing. You'll find something for every palate, from chili con queso to Greek salsa!

Basic Guacamole

Sure, there are hundreds of guacamole recipes out there, but you can never go wrong with a basic recipe [1] that's simple but oh-so delicious.

Tonnato Sauce

If you want to serve something on the healthier side, then go with this rustic Italian dip called tonnato [2]. It's a delicious blend of tuna, anchovies, and capers.

Mediterranean Layered Dip

Forget the fact that this layered Mediterranean dip [3] just looks pretty; it's also one phenomenal, tangy, garlic-heavy appetizer.

Chili Con Queso

Ditch the old days of Velveeta: this all-natural chili con queso [4] is an easy and delicious way to get your queso on.

Cherry Salsa

Summer cherry season is just around the corner! Time to get excited with this tasty, fresh cherry salsa [5].

Vidalia Onion Dip

Finding a quality classic onion dip recipe can be difficult, but we've taken the guesswork out of the equation with this caramelized vidalia onion dip [6] that is sure to impress your guests.

Leek and Bacon Dip

Leeks mixed with crunchy bacon and tangy goat cheese come together for this caramelized leek and bacon dip [7].

Mushroom Goat Cheese Queso

Creamy, gooey mushroom goat cheese queso [8] is an elegant and dreamy update to the classic queso dip.

Homemade Salsa Verde

Bring a taste of the taqueria home with our recipe for salsa verde [9], a tangy tomatillo-based dip that's a perfect pairing for everything from chips to tacos and burritos.

Edamame Hummus

Fans of traditional hummus will love this edamame hummus [10], a welcome twist on the standard recipe.

White Bean Dip

Hummus fans will love chowing down on this tasty white bean and rosemary dip [11] as well.

Smoked Mozzarella Spread

This mind-bogglingly easy smoked mozzarella spread [12] doesn't require cooking and only calls for four ingredients.

Green Olive Dip

The traditional tapenade gets a makeover with this tasty green olive dip [13].

Buffalo Chicken Dip

If you're not interested in making a big batch of wings but can't get enough of their flavor, then this buffalo chicken dip [14] should be your pick.

Baked Goat Cheese Dip

Marinated goat cheese can be a little expensive, but making your own baked goat cheese dip [15] at home makes it a more budget-friendly option.

Salsa Baked Goat Cheese

Give goat cheese a Tex-Mex twist with this delicious recipe for salsa-baked goat cheese [16].

Chipotle Guacamole

If you've ever had Chipotle's spicy guacamole [17], then you'll want to watch this video to get the dish straight from the legendary burrito chain.

Mango, Black Bean, and Jicama Salsa

This recipe for mango, black bean, and jicama salsa [18] brings a whole new fiesta of flavors and textures to your standard one-dimensional salsa. If you're a fan of fruit-filled salsas, then dip into a pineapple, mango, and jalapeño salsa [19] next.

Homemade Pico de Gallo

Perfect for a party and ultrasimple to prepare, homemade pico de gallo is a recipe you're bound to trot out time and time again. Get the technique behind this fresh salsa [20] that's a Mexican food staple.

Rick Bayless Salsas

Rick Bayless dedicated the majority of his life to culinary research in Mexico. Not entirely convinced of his chops? After you've tasted these Rick Bayless salsas [21], you'll see how all that research resulted in huge gourmet success.

Hot Spinach Dip

You can never go wrong with a heaping helping of hot spinach dip [22] for a crowd-pleasing appetizer.

Pomegranate and Mango Guacamole

This colorful recipe [23] gives guacamole a fruity makeover. It's spicy, crunchy, creamy — in a word, just plain scrumptious.

Nacho Cheese Dip

Consider this nacho cheese dip [24] a jazzed-up version of traditional queso — beans and cumin give it both texture and an element of smoke.

White Bean Dip With Roasted Red Peppers

For another twist on traditional white bean appetizers, this warm white bean dip with roasted red peppers [25] is an easy option.


Muhammara [26] is a Syrian roasted pepper and walnut dip often served with crackers.

Spicy Onion and Tomato Dip

Looking for a last-minute dip recipe that still packs a serious punch of spicy goodness? This onion and tomato dip [27] comes together quickly, but not at the price of flavor.

Green Goddess Dip

Green goddess dressing [28] can also double as a yummy, herb-filled dip.

Bacon Guacamole

To add even more pizzazz to traditional guacamole, top it with crispy, porky bacon bits [29].

Exceptionally Smooth Hummus

The key to wildly smooth homemade hummus [30] is to soak your own dried garbanzo beans.

Spinach and White Bean Dip

For a healthy spinach dip with the same creaminess quotient, sub in smooth cannellini beans and ricotta cheese [31].

Shrimp Cocktail Sauces

Upgrade the shrimp cocktail with a trio of easy dipping sauces [32] that are mighty addictive.

Four-Cheese Queso Dip

You won't be able to double-dip fast enough once you get a taste of this ooey gooey chorizo queso [33].

Chipotle-Tomatillo Salsa Recipe

A roasted salsa recipe [34] this good will ensure you never touch the jar again.

Restaurant-Style Tomato Salsa

Our personal recipe for quick and easy tomato salsa [35] is so addictive, you'll want to double up and make two batches — that's how fast it disappears.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Score points at your Memorial Day party with a creamy, tangy dip that tastes just like fiery-hot chicken wings. Watch the video, print out the recipe [36], and wait for all your friends to beg you for it.

Seven-Layer Dip

Pack all the essentials like beans, cheese, and guacamole into this easy seven-layer bean dip recipe [37]. We have a feeling it will be gone in a matter of minutes.

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