Chestnut Chows Down 68 Dogs, Defends Title

To most people, the Fourth of July means barbecue, fireworks, and a long weekend. However, in the world of competitive eating, the all-American holiday brings to mind one thing: Nathan's annual hot dog eating competition. The Super Bowl of competitive eating, Nathan's contest is the most-watched, most-hyped competition of the season. Earlier today on Coney Island, the darlings of the competitive eating world, Takeru Kobayashi and two-year reigning champ Joey Chestnut, faced off in an epic battle.

The rivals are both seasoned, serious, and adorned professionals, but in the end, after chowing down 68 hot dogs — a new world record — Chestnut won. Throughout the 10-minute competition, Chestnut maintained a two-dog lead against Kobayashi. "I've been practicing hard," Chestnut said after winning. "I knew it would be hard to beat me."

Source: Getty