Cocktail Recipes From Pan Am Round the World Cookbook

Cheers! Cocktails Around the World From the 1954 Pan Am Cookbook

Cocktail Recipes From Pan Am Round the World Cookbook

ABC's Pan Am starts this Sunday, and I can't wait to watch the series premiere to see if it can captivate audiences just like Mad Men! The show will be an interesting glimpse into yesteryear, and if you're just as fascinated by this period, take a peek at Pan American's Complete Round the World Cookbook, which was first published in 1954.

With the show's premiere fast approaching, it was time to dust off my copy and discover the culinary world according to this airline giant. The book was a collaborative effort with recipes submitted by employees of Pan Am from across the globe. Of course, cuisine in 1954 was a very different place than it is now; I passed on a recipe for chicken enchiladas made with pancakes instead of difficult-to-find tortillas. However, many of the cocktails, like the ones featured here, were rather intriguing.

Before you sit back on Sunday to watch the season premiere, stir up one of Pan Am's very own around-the-world cocktail recipes!