Come Party With Me: Fast Thanksgiving — Invite

Too busy to think about Thanksgiving? No worries, this week I'm planning a quick and easy Thanksgiving dinner that requires little effort and minimal stress. With help from the grocery store everything on the menu can be made the day of. A dinner party that gives thanks can be stress-free and delicious. Instead of hosting a formal fete, host a casual meal with the emphasis on friends and family. To get started, call guests to invite them to dinner, or send these easy, hand-written invites in the mail. Learn how I made them and, read more.

To make a similar invite you will need the following supplies:

  • shimmery cardstock and regular cardstock
  • decorative paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • leaf-shaped hole punch
  • stickers
  • nice pen and good handwriting

To assemble the invite:

  1. Punch a leaf-shaped hole in the regular cardstock near the bottom, right hand side.
  2. Glue the cardstock to the shimmery cardstock. Turn over.
  3. Mount the cardstock on top leaving an overhang of decorative paper on each side of the invite. Set aside.
  4. Figure out what your message will say. Practice writing it on a separate piece of paper. On mine I wrote in my best handwriting, this message:
    Dear Sugar,

    I would love it if you could join me for Thanksgiving dinner. Next Thursday, November 27 at 5:00 in the afternoon. Please let me know if you can attend. Thanks!
    Gobble, gobble,

    Write the message on the cardstock.

  5. Trim excess decorative paper. If your paper is not double sided, glue strips to the back to make it double sided. Fold in over the invite.
  6. Close with a sticker, slide into an envelope, and send.