Come Party With Me: Halloween Dinner — Invite

Last Halloween I went all out and hosted a huge blowout bash complete with geometric pumpkins and a dangerously delicious punch. This year everyone is expecting me to host another big party, so I'm doing the unexpected and hosting an intimate Halloween-themed dinner for 12 lucky guests! Everything about the event from the invites to the food will be Halloween related. I'll share my ideas and tips here and you can translate them into your own Halloween fete. Let's start with homemade invitations. To see how I made these informal, fun invites, read more.

To make a similar invite you will need the following supplies:

  • festive Halloween image (I got mine at Martha Stewart)
  • black cardstock
  • scissors
  • rhinestone brad
  • translucent paper
  • Computer and printer

To assemble the invite:

  1. Start by dragging the festive Halloween image into a new Microsoft Word document. Insert a text box outlining the image.
  2. Write the information inside the box. I used the font Cracked in size 20 to write this message:
    Happy Halloween!

    Please join me for a ghoulishly good dinner

    Saturday, October 25, 2008
    8:00 pm
    PartySugar’s Lair, San Francisco, CA

    Festive Attire Suggested
    RSVP or pay the price: 415.555.5555

    Print out on plain white paper and check for grammar or spelling errors. Once satisfied with the look, print out on the translucent paper. Set aside for a moment to ensure that the text dries.

  3. Once dry, cut down to size.
  4. Jam the brad through the translucent paper. Depending on how sharp the brad is, you may need to cut a small slit in the paper with an exacto knife.

  5. Jam through the black paper and unfold the two brad ends, attaching the translucent paper to the black cardstock.
  6. Cut the cardstock down to size.
  7. Slide into an envelope and send.