It's the middle of January and I fear that everyone (myself included) is feeling rather blah and quite like hibernating. If I'm going to spend all of my time inside watching Food Network, I might as well do something productive, like knitting. A few months ago my grandma gave me a quick lesson, but I'm afraid I still haven't mastered the technique. That's why its time to get my girlfriends out of their houses and over to mine for a knitting party. I've talked with Elena, a dear friend who is an expert knitter, and she agreed to bring her knitting supplies (I'll also borrow some from my grandma) and give us all a lesson.

I love hosting parties where you actually do something more than just drink and converse, so I'm very excited for this event. To see the invitations (with a new addition: step by step pictures!), read more

I wanted to include knitting instructions in the invitation, but I didn't want to fold up and print-out and awkwardly stuff it in the envelope. So, after some creative thinking, an informative booklet invite came to mind. I'll put together a small booklet, with the invitation as a page in the book, and the instructions to knitting as the rest of the book. The booklet should be perfectly pretty in girly colors that evoke the mood of the party, and include something to do with knitting. In this case a deliciously purple yarn I found in the $1 bin at Michael's craft store.

To make this invitation you will need:

  • large sheet of decorative paper (for the book's cover)
  • black cardstock
  • several sheets of colored printing paper in two colors (I used lavender and purple)
  • glue
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • computer with printer (or a nice pen and best handwriting)
  • three hole punch
  • yarn
  • knitting instructions

To assemble the invitation:

  1. Print out the knitting instructions. Cut them down so that each step is its own small piece of paper (each step will be a different page in the booklet). Set aside.

  2. Fold the lavender paper in half lengthwise and then in half again so that the page is a quarter of its original size (5.5 by 4 inches). Using the folds as your guideline, cut each lavender sheet into four pieces. You will need 14 small pieces total (one for each of the knitting instruction steps) so repeat the process with three more pieces of lavender paper.

  3. Glue the knitting instructions-careful not to mess up the order-one each to the lavender pages. Set aside.

  4. With a pencil trace the rectangle lavender square onto the black card stock. The black cardstock will make the front and back cover of the book so you want it about a half an inch bigger (on all sides) than the 5.5 by 4 inch pages.

  5. Cut the black cardstock using the pencil drawn square as a guide. Repeat so you have 2 pieces of black cardstock (a front and back of the book).

  6. Glue the black cardstock to the decorative paper and cut out the finished pieces of the cover and back of the booklet. Set aside.

  7. On your computer (or in your best handwriting) type out the invitation message. I created mine in Microsoft word using the font Snell Roundhand in the color violet. Your message should be along these lines:
    It’s knitting time!
    Miss PartySugar invites you to spend an afternoon
    warmly in the company of good friends learning
    or perfecting your skills as a knitter.
    Saturday January 27
    4 o’clock pm
    PartySugar’s house, San Francisco
    Please RSVP 415.444.5555
    *Don’t forget to bring this instruction booklet to the party*

  8. Print the invitation on the other colored paper, in my case it was purple. Cut the purple paper down to the same size as the lavender pages (about 5.5 by 4 inches).

  9. With a hole punch, punch 2 holes in the cover, invite page, step by step instruction pages and back. Assemble them in this order.

  10. Thread the yarn through the holes in each page. Tie making a bow.

  11. Your booklet invitation is now complete and all you have to do is address the invitations (I'm using dark purple envelopes and a lavender glitter gel pen), fill the envelopes and send.

The invitations are only the first step to creating a wonderful party. There's lots more to plan so stay tuned all week for all the details on my afternoon knitting party.

Click on any picture below to check out a larger view!

Source: Knitting Help