Lately I've been hosting dinner after dinner and I've been dying to have a reason to host a big blowout bash. And I've just found my reason: Mardi Gras! Mardi Gras is typically celebrated the last five days leading up to Lent with the biggest day of partying on Fat Tuesday, the night before Ash Wednesday.
As much as I would love to host a huge party on Fat Tuesday, I know that not all of my friends will be able to attend, so it will take place this Saturday night instead. Mardi Gras is not the most sophisticated of celebrations and I'm excited to plan an informal party with dancing, flashing, beads, and all around havoc.

Today it's my favorite time of the week: invitation making time(!) so, read more

When I think Mardi Gras, the colors green, purple, and gold come to mind so they will be the color of my party.

To make the Mardi Gras mask invitations you will need:

  • dark green cardstock
  • purple paper
  • mask stencil (I made mine by tracing the shape of my eye-mask onto a piece of plain white paper. I added flared wings and cut holes for the eyes)
  • gold foil or gold candy paper
  • dark green threaded sequins
  • glitter (green, purple, or gold)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • needle
  • green thread
  • computer
  • printer

To assemble this invite:

  1. Using the stencil and a pencil, outline the shape of the mask on the green cardstock.

  2. Cut the shape of the mask out.

  3. Repeat the same process on the purple paper. Outline the eyes and cut out both the mask shape and the eye holes.

  4. Glue two pieces of gold foil onto the front of the green mask shape. The gold is going to be the inside of the eyes.

  5. Cut gold paper down to the size of the mask. Glue the purple mask on top of the green and gold front of the invitation.

  6. With the thread and needle, sew the sequins to the front of the outside rim of the mask. It is not necessary to sew each and every sequin. Thread the needle through a sequin on the front and into the sequin directly next to it pulling tight on the back side of the invitation. Skip several sequins and thread through further down the line. Pull tight on the front side threading through the next sequin and pulling tight on the back side. Skip several sequins before threading through again.

  7. Repeat process until the string of sequins is secured in place on the outside edge of the front of the mask/invitation. (Alternately, carefully glue the sequins to the edge of the front of the invitation.) Set aside.

  8. On your computer type the details of the party in a Mardi Gras-ish font. I used BlairMdITC TT-Medium and wrote the following message:
    It’s Time To Let Loose…
    And Celebrate Mardi Gras!
    Saturday February 17
    10 PM
    PartySugar’s House
    San Francisco
    RSVP 415.444.5555

  9. Print the text out on another sheet of dark green cardstock.

  10. With the stencil trace the shape of the mask onto the printed out text sheet.

  11. Cut the shape of the mask out. Do not cut eye wholes.

  12. Glue the text onto the back of the invite being careful to cover up the thread.

  13. With the glitter decorate the front of the invite to your liking. I chose to use a purple glitter pen and outline the the inside of the eyes.

  14. Voila! Your invitation is done and can double as a mask!

  15. Send in the envelope of your choice.

How would you create an invitation for a Mardi Gras blowout bash? Tell me about it below. Stay with me on this one, there's more to come: the Cajun inspired menu, drinks, look, and music!