Just because Halloween falls on a weeknight this year, doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on all the trick or treating. Invite friends over the Friday before for a Pumpkin Carving Party that allows their inner child to come screaming out. A Pumpkin Carving Party is a stress-free Halloween party because no costumes are necessary. So grab your double sided jagged edged knives and roll up your sleeves: It's pumpkin carving time!

As this is a nostalgic party where everyone will get down and dirty with pumpkin slop, the invitations, should be fun and casual with lots of black and orange to spice things up. To see how I made these easy invites, read more

To make an invitation similar to the one seen here, you will need:

  • orange cardstock
  • black pen
  • scissors
  • fun image of a jack-o-lantern
  • computer and printer

To assemble the invite:

  1. Search the web or use a photo from a previous Halloween bash as the front side of the postcard. The image should evoke the feel of the party, so make sure to include a jack-o-lantern. Drag the image into a new Word document. Print out on a plain sheet of paper and set aside.

  2. Create another new Word document for the reverse side of the invite. Type the party details on the left hand side, leaving room for the guest’s name and address on the right hand side.

    When sending invites as postcards, don't put your home phone number or address for safety purposes; use your email address as a way for people to RSVP instead.

    Since you are the hostess and this is a party where you are providing your guests with an activity, furnish pumpkins and have them bring a six-pack of beer. Ask guests to RSVP so you know how many pumpkins to buy. When they RSVP, let them know the location of the party. The day before the party send out a quick email or text message reminding guests of the event.

    On my invite I wrote, in the font Herculanum,

    Miss Partysugar
    Invites you to
    join her for
    Pumpkin carving
    To celebrate Halloween
    Friday, October 26
    8:00 pm
    Pumpkins Provided
    RSVP pSugar@sugar.com

    Print out on a plain sheet of paper and check for grammar mistakes.

  3. Hold the two test pages of the invite next to each other back to back against a light. Make sure that the text will line up evenly with the image.

  4. Print out the text side of the invite on orange cardstock. Slide the same piece of cardstock into the printer and print out the pumpkin picture on the other side.

  5. Cut down to size, address, stamp, and send them out.