This weekend I'm off to my vacation house in the Sierra Nevada mountains with a group of friends . It's my best friend Emily's birthday and to celebrate we are going on a snow picnic! I'll prepare the event all week, so feel free to adapt my party plan to help you plan your own snowy soirée. To get things started we'll need to send invitations. You can download, print, and fill out our winter picnic invites or make a pretty little card like I did here. To see how I made it, read more.

To make an invite similar to the one seen here, you will need the following supplies:

  • transparent paper
  • colored cardstock
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • single hole punch
  • image of snowflakes
  • computer and printer

To assemble the invite:

  1. Start by creating a new Word document. Write out the information concerning the event. I used Bodoni SvtyTwo ITC TT-BookItalic size 14 to write the following:
    It’s Emily’s Birthday!

    To celebrate we are going on a snow picnic.
    Please join us for icy cocktails and a soothing lunch.
    Snowball fight to follow.

    Saturday, January 19, 2008
    2:00 in the Afternoon
    PartySugar’s Vacation House, Arnold, CA
    Rsvp 415.555.5555

    Chic wintry attire requested.

    Print out a test copy of the text and check for spelling and grammatical errors. Once satisfied with the details, print out on the cardstock. Set aside.

  2. Print out the image of the snowflakes on the transparent paper.

  3. Cut the snowflake down to size.

  4. Place the transparent snowflakes on top of the text. Align to cover the center of the text.

  5. Trace the outline of the transparent paper onto the cardstock with a pencil.

  6. Cut down to size, just inside the traced lines.

  7. Punch two holes near each other in the top right hand corner of the invite.

  8. Slide the ribbon through and tie a little bow.

  9. Slide into an envelope and send.