St. Patrick's Day is this Saturday night and I am excited. I love St. Patrick's Day for three simple reasons: (1) I am of Irish descent so I celebrate my heritage. (2) My dad's name is Patrick so I celebrate his Saint's Day. (3) My half birthday is March 16 (the day before St. Patrick's) so I celebrate being a half year older.

I also love St. Patrick's Day because its one of those rare occasions where everyone likes to go out and par-tee!
This year it falls on a Saturday night which makes it an opportune moment to host a dinner. I'm going to invite over a group of friends for some food before we all head out to the bars together. I've get less than a week to throw this shenanigan together, so I can't waste another minute - I need to make the invitations. To see how I make my shamrock shaped green invites, read more

St. Patrick's Day is all about the color green so I am going to use shades of green on the invite and in my decorating scheme. Use my idea as inspiration to create your own invitations. To assemble this invite you will need:

  • green cardstock
  • green printer paper (preferably in a different tone of green than the cardstock)
  • St. Patrick's Day green shimmery garland (I got mine at Michaels)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • gluestick
  • shamrock stickers (optional for the envelopes you send them in)
  • a print out of this shamrock image
  • computer and printer

To make this invite:

  1. Start by cutting out the shamrock to create a shamrock stencil.

  2. Fold the green cardstock in half from top to bottom. Trace the shamrock shape onto the cardstock using the pencil putting on edge of the stencil along the folded edge of the cardstock.

  3. Cut out the shape of the shamrock being careful to leave part of the fold. You are creating a four leafed clover shaped card.

  4. Erase any pencil marks that remain from tracing the stencil.

  5. Gently pull the green clovers off of the garland.

  6. Glue the shamrocks onto the front and back of the card in a scattered chaotic pattern.

  7. Set aside and move to your computer.

  8. Create a new word document and drag and drop the four leaf clover image into the document. Align the image to rest behind the text. Rotate the image perpendicularly so it is the same shape as your card.
  9. Insert a text box with no line or fill on top of the clover image. Write the details of your party in a fun friendly manner in the text box. Here's what I wrote in Bradley Hand ITC TT-Bold text, size 12:
    PartySugar cordially invites you to a
    St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigan!

    7 o’clock dinner
    10 o’clock pub crawl

    PartySugar’s House, San Francisco
    RSVP 415.555.555
    Please Wear Something Green

    Be sure to ask guests to please wear green.

  10. Delete the clover from the text. (You only had the clover there to ensure that the text would fit inside the clover).

  11. Print out the information on the green printer paper.

  12. Trace the shape of the clover on the text page. Cut out.

  13. Glue inside the card.

  14. Add any special extras to jazz it up, I put 2 more shimmer shamrocks inside the invite.

  15. Send in an envelope addressed in your best fancy handwriting in a gold gel pen garnished with a clover sticker.

Planning a St. Patty's Day party? Please tell me about your invites below! Keep reading all this week because I'm hosting one spectacular party and I'm taking you along for the ride.