Dark Dining with Tazo and Jardiniere

Dark Dining with Tazo and Jardiniere

I recently attended a Dark Dining — which was actually a blindfolded dining — event at Jardiniere. It was put on by Tazo Tea as part of their Tazo Taste Infusion events. The events are being held in three cities — San Francisco, Seattle, and Denver — and encourage you to celebrate the artistry and craftsmanship that go into fine food. I'd recommend looking into it, as there are some interesting things going on.

Luckily I was invited to their dark dining event, and am happy to report back. The tea was infused into each dish and drink, and the pairings were fantastic. I managed to take a bunch of pictures while blindfolded — I held my camera out and let it do the work. To see how the event went, click the "Start" button.