Do You Know Snack Foods?

Did you know that February is National Snack Food Month? Perhaps you grew up eating powdered doughnuts for breakfast and sugar wafers as an after-school snack. If so, you might be able to identify some of America's most common snack foods. Can you pass the snack food identification quiz with flying colors, or is there a chance you'll flunk out? Find out when you take our quiz!

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These are:
Cracklin' beef jerky
Waffle chips
Shrimp chips
Pork skins
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These are:
Cat cookies
Animal crackers
Lido cookies
Circus Animal cookies
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These are:
Sno Balls
Suzy Q's
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These are:
Cheese straws
Fiddle Faddle
Pretzel nuggets
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These are:
Ho Hos
Suzy Q's
Ding Dongs
Jelly Rolls
Do You Know Your Nachos?
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Do You Know Your Nachos?