Do You Need to Join the Ice Chompers Support Group?

The other day, while waiting for a delayed flight, I was clicking around the Internet and came across this article about ice selling like hot cakes. It seems that there's a small percentage of the population who just love, love, love chomping down on ice. In fact, it's so popular in places — particularly the South — that chains like Sonic Drive-In are actually selling 10 pound bags for $1.49.

However, it doesn't stop there, it seems that ice-machine makers are competing among themselves to come up with the best chewable ice. They even have drool-worthy names like Chewblet, Nugget Ice and Pearl Ice.

The reasons why folks chew ice are all over the place. Some doctors believe it's due to an iron deficiency, while others say it's due to a compulsion. Either way ice chompers aren't stopping, they even have a support website full of stories and even recipes on how to make the best ice.

So tell me, does all this ice talk sound good to you, or does the idea of chomping down on ice sound terrible? Have you ever bought a bag of ice just to eat it?