Emeril Lagasse JC Penney Cookware Line

Emeril Brings New Cookware to JC Penney

Emeril Brings New Cookware to JC Penney

Dishwasher-safe nonstick frying pans, pots with silicone handles that stay cool, and a safety focused pressure cooker are just a few of the features of Emeril Lagasse's new line of cookware for JC Penney. The line, which will be in the retailer's stores this month, includes everything from a knife set to a bread maker — but it's the deep fryer that Emeril got really excited about when showing off the new goods in New York City last week.

"It has this oil filtration system, and I can't tell you what that means today, especially in today's economic times. Oil – gas – as you know, is not cheap. We have testimonials from customers who've used their oil in this machine six, eight, nine, 10 times with this oil filtration system." Take a look at the other things that set this cookware apart.