Ethnic Foods With Mainstream Appeal

10 Ethnic Eats Chipotle Should Tackle Next

Ethnic Foods With Mainstream Appeal

Chipotle's ready to unveil its new Asian-themed fast-casual eatery, and our suspicions were true. It will be called ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen. The concept will be "inspired by the traditional shophouses found throughout Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam."

We love the blend of fast-casual convenience and quality that Chipotle offers, whether you're at the Orlando airport or in New York's East Village. "I have always believed that the Chipotle model would work well with a variety of different cuisines," founder Steve Ells said of ShopHouse. Steve, we couldn't agree more; it's one of the few chain restaurants we can tolerate. In fact, we've got more ethnic fast-casual ideas that we think you should pull out of your sleeve. To see them all, keep clicking.