Exclusive: Bobby Flay Talks About Cooking With President Barack Obama

Bobby Flay Dishes on Cooking With Obama

Much like last year, Bobby Flay was scheduled to cook at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen last Friday. But at the eleventh hour, he got a call from the White House to take part in a Father's Day grilling session, so he hopped on a plane, cooked with the president, and was back in Aspen to give a demo the next morning, where he shared some of his thoughts on cooking with Obama. To see what they were, keep reading.

Bobby cleared up rumors that he'd made burgers with Obama — in fact, the two grilled steaks, corn, and barbecued chicken. While President Obama was no newbie when it came to barbecuing, the Iron Chef said the one thing he did need to coach Obama on was the importance of not flipping steaks. Bobby gave the president beef for wanting to take a peek at the steaks cooking on the grill. Despite the commander in chief's busy agenda, Bobby cooked with him for a total of about 20 minutes.

Catch a glimpse of the White House footage below. Between their banter and jokes, I think Bobby and the president have great grilling chemistry. What are your thoughts? Do you think Bobby did a good job giving Obama barbecue tips?