Fast Thanksgiving Recipes

A Last-Minute Thanksgiving Menu Sure to Impress

A Last-Minute Thanksgiving Menu Sure to Impress

For many, Thanksgiving is a monthlong production that involves plenty of planning ahead when it comes to oven space, refrigerator space, and day-of preparation. But even if you're not much of a planner — or you've suddenly been put on the spot to pull off a Turkey Day feast! — I promise that you can still host a meal worth boasting about afterwards.

The key to a successful last-minute feast is to choose snappy dishes with only a few ingredients, many of which you'll already have on hand. Rest assured, however, that the menu will be anything but mundane:

  • Gin and it cocktail
  • Antipasto skewers
  • Mushroom and brie bruschetta
  • Shredded brussels sprouts and kale salad
  • Prosciutto-wrapped turkey roulade
  • Butternut squash soup
  • Roasted sweet potatoes
  • Cranberry salsa
  • Herbed rice salad
  • Honey whiskey bundt cake

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