Ever wonder what the staff at the world's most renowned restaurant eats? If you're certain that El Bulli's family meals are studies in foie gras and osetra caviar, think again.

According to Gourmet, molecular gastronomy master Ferran Adrià prefers to serve his staff classic dishes. These might include anything from chicken mole to Waldorf salad with chocolate ice cream for dessert.

This doesn't mean that the food futurist takes kitchen meals lightly. “I concern myself with what the staff eats first of all,” he says. In fact, one chef's sole responsibility is to cook the staff meals, and every staff menu through the restaurant's 2009 season has already been planned!

“I guarantee that El Bulli feeds its people like no other restaurant,” says Adrià. “How else would we convey to a young chef one of the most important principles of our métier: that he must look out for himself in order to look out for others?”