This weekend marked the First Annual Food Network Awards, which took place at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival and will air on April 15 (why such the long wait?!). The event was recorded "live" in front of an audience, however I put live in quotes because according to The Palm Beach Post there's going to be a lot of editing.

Between all the stops and starts for sound and lighting cues, the technical glitches (Emeril actually had to re-present an award after the show was finished because he mispronounced something) and the general confusion, it took about three hours for the show to be done (and I believe it’s only a 90 minute broadcast — it’s slated to air April 15).

Sorta lame if you ask me, but oh well, you know we're all going to watch it anyways.

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Here we have Catherine Zeta-Jones (who was there pimping her new film), Emeril Lagasse (who was the MC), Sandra Lee (I wonder if her dress was semi-homemade?), Alton Brown (I love him in the suit!), Albert Pujols, Bobby & Paula Deen, Giada De Laurentiis, Cat Cora and Bobby Flay (with the KFC Colonel, what???)

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Source: The Palm Beach Post
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