Food Review: Jalapeño Jack Sun Chips

Taste Test: Jalapeño Jack Sun Chips

From Mexican curtido to lamb-stuffed poppers, I'm a sucker for all things jalapeño. So, when I spotted a new flavor of Sun Chips — Jalapeño Jack — on a trip down the Walgreens chip aisle, I couldn't help but drop one into my shopping basket.

Sun Chips and I have held a long, stable relationship that dates back to infancy. I eat the original, harvest cheddar, and french onion flavors with gusto, although I've spent moments wishing the fourth flavor, Garden Salsa, could've added more spice to my life. I enjoy the chip's zesty, tomatoey taste, but can't help but wonder why, like a real bowl of salsa, this chip doesn't have more bite.

With the new Jalapeño Jack variety, I will wonder no more. There's something about its invitingly tangy smell, its white farmstead cheese flavor, and the lingering kick of some seriously substantial jalapeño that keeps me reaching back for another bite. It's official: the new Jalapeño Jack variety is my favorite Sun Chip flavor. What's your preferred jalapeño-flavored chip?