Gingerbread City in Bergen, Norway

This story was written by member FinnLover and comes from the Savory Sights group in the YumSugar Community.

My husband and I visited Bergen's annual gingerbread city yesterday. Every year during Christmas time, children, adults, and local businesses donate homemade gingerbread houses to create what is supposedly the largest gingerbread city in the world. It is hosted in a huge tent in the city center of Bergen during the holidays.

It almost didn't happen this year. Some young guy broke in one night and destroyed the entire exhibit just a few days before its opening date. The citizens of Bergen were very mad to see someone mess with their beloved tradition and an incredible amount of donations were made to resurrect the gingerbread city just in time for Christmas.

I took some pictures to share with you. Hope you enjoy. Happy Holidays!

The tent is located in the middle of the main square in the city center of Bergen.

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The tent is located in the middle of the main square in the city center of Bergen.

Trains run through the city.

The gingerbread city looks a lot like the real city with all its mountains, tunnels, fjords, and bridges.

I believe this is the house from the movie Up.

This is a replica of the city center of Bergen.

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