This one is a little bit tough, and totally random, but I have faith in you guys.

Guess who was at the 42nd Annual National Magazine Awards and found himself in one of the most random grouping of people known to man? From L-R: Ira Glass(!), our mystery cupcake, John Waters, Kevin Bacon, Aisha Tyler (in the back in red), Ann Curry and Glamour Editor-in-Chief Cynthia Leive.

I'll give you a few hints: he's tall, has nothing (that I know of) to do with magazines, and used to be on the Food Network, but is now on a different channel.

Need a few more? He's foul-mouthed, likes to travel and has made a career on having nothing nice to say.

Think you got it figured out? You'll find out if you read more

Why look it's everyone's favorite foodie bad boy Anthony Bourdain! Talk about a random grouping, I wonder what he and John Waters talked about... For more pictures check out the gallery below. And even though he has nothing to do with food, I included one of Ira Glass just because I like him too.

If you don't know who Bourdain is, he's got a highly acclaimed show on the Travel Network called "No Reservations" - where he travels around the globe and eats all sorts of interesting things - and came to fame with his book of true tales from the seedy NYC Restaurant lifestyle called Kitchen Confidential. Also, he really has a thing against the Food Network.

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