Guy Fieri Impostor

Where in SOBEWFF Is Fake Guy Fieri?

Where in SOBEWFF Is Fake Guy Fieri?

It's no secret here at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival that Guy Fieri's demo is hands down the most highly anticipated cooking demo of the festival. After all, last year's saw fanatical crowds and the onslaught of a slurricane machine.

While Guy's demo this year was a feat not to be missed, perhaps even more entertaining was the presence of a Guy Fieri impostor who we caught sight of while waiting for Guy's demo to begin. We thought he was the man of the hour himself from afar, with the shirt, the goatee, the spiky platinum tips, and the sunglasses — but quickly realized this man wasn't rocking the same sun glow that, hours before, was pouring us cups of homemade jungle juice at the SOBE afterparty.

It's no secret that Guy Fieri has impostors, but this one had no fear of showing up his favorite celebrity chef. Where did he turn up, one might wonder? Well, everywhere: in the tents tasting off-the-hook food, chatting it up with other festival-goers, and waiting for his idol to take center stage. Keep clicking to see some of the places we spotted Guy Fieri's impersonator.

— Additional reporting by Camilla Salem