9 Things People Are Having to Get Over Hangovers Right Now

Jan 1 2014 - 8:30am

If you woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather, know that you're not alone. All around the world, revelers are rising with a pounding headache, waves of nausea, and, after a night of wearing some serious beer goggles, 20/20 vision that's clear as day. Hangovers may be a universal experience, but each culture boasts its own cures. From simple solutions to seemingly bizarre behaviors, check out cure-all ideas from around the world.

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China: Green Tea

In China, strong green tea [2] or water with lemon is a popular next-day hangover remedy.

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Romania: Tripe Soup

Romanians turn to ciorba de burta, or tripe soup [3], to cure their hangovers. Cow stomach is boiled with cream, root vegetables, garlic, vinegar, and salt. The same remedy is popular in Mexico and Turkey as well.

Source: Flickr user lfl [4]

Germany: Pickled Herring

When hungover, Germans turn to rollmops, a snack of onion and gherkin wrapped in pickled herring [5]. It's part of the German hangover breakfast known as katerfrüstück.

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United States: Prairie Oyster

The counterirritant known as the prairie oyster — hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, and a raw egg yolk — was once the hair-of-the-dog choice in America [7], but it's unclear whether it was truly a hangover cure or merely a distraction.

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Mexico: Seafood Cocktail

The hangover cure in Mexico [9] is vuelva a la vida, a wet seafood salad of shrimp, tomatoes, lime, onions, and cilantro. It literally translates as "return to life."

Source: Instagram user miguej18 [10]

Japan: Pickled Preserved Plums

The Japanese [11] swear by umeboshi, or pickled plums, for curing hangovers, along with other remedies such as green tea, persimmons, and miso soup with freshwater clams.

Source: Flickr user mofoods [12]

Poland: Pickle Juice

In Poland, it's all about swigging sour drinks [13] to get rid of hangovers. Poles drink sour pickle juice or soured milk.

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Italy: Coffee

In Italy, strong, homemade coffee [14] is considered the ultimate hangover cure.

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The Netherlands: Whatever You Had Last Night

In the Netherlands, the cure to a bad hangover [15] is the hair of the dog that bit the night before. Maybe it was shots of Jägermeister, maybe it was cocktails, or maybe it was just plain ol' beer.

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