How to Grill Fish

5 Different Ways to Grill Fish

From hot dogs to halloumi and wild leeks to watermelon, just about every provision can be made more delicious on the grill. My recent obsession is fish; a short grill takes its delicate flavor profile for a wild ride, imparting a char and an intoxicatingly smoky aroma that can't be replicated. Another reason to love fish on the 'cue: the versatile protein also works well in an extensive range of preparations. Here are five of my favorite methods with fish on the barbecue; to take advantage of them before Summer comes to a close, keep reading.

  1. Stuff a whole fish with aromatics. Ellie Krieger's favorite way to grill fish? "Throw a whole fish on the grill, Greek-style. Brush it with oil and grill so it gets a nice char. Stuff the cavity, then when it's done, pour olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper, and lemon juice," the TV personality recommends.
  2. Grill a bunch of smaller, sustainable fish. Yes, that'd be heads, tails, and all. Serve simply with flaky Maldon sea salt and lemon juice. Here's a step-by-step of how to do it the Spanish way.
  3. Shape patties for burgers. Pulse a firm-fleshed, meaty fish (such as salmon or tuna) in a food processor, then mix in aromatics like scallion, onions, citrus zest, and herbs. Pack ground fish into a mold, then grill until cooked through and serve between a split sesame seed bun.
  4. Grill the fish in a packet. This method will yield similar effects to the healthy French en papillote preparation, except you'll want to wrap the fish in foil rather than parchment packets to prevent burning.
  5. Use a cedar plank. Cooking on a cedar plank will impart even more dimension to the flavor of grilled fish. Purchase inexpensive, aromatic cedar planks, presoak them to avoid smoking, then cook the fish over a closed grill for extra earthiness.

What's your favorite way to enjoy fish on the grill?

Source: Flickr User woodleywonderworks