How to Host an Argentine Asado

Summer Barbecue, the Argentine Way

Summer Barbecue, the Argentine Way

What would you think if you were invited to a Summer barbecue that had nary a hot dog, hamburger, steak, chicken drumstick, or charred portobello mushroom cap in sight? You'd probably be surprised, as I was a few weeks ago, when I found myself at an idyllic midday cookout on T-Lazy-7 Ranch in Aspen, CO. The open-flame affair, which was hosted by wine label Terrazas de los Andes, focused on the art of the asado, or Argentine tradition of barbecue. Everything, from the selection of meat cuts to the wood-fueled flame, was unlike any grilling I'd done before, yet nothing was too complicated to re-create at home. Keep reading for a glimpse of the South American grilling tradition and tips on how to re-create it yourself.

Source: Shawn O'Connor