How to Make Focaccia Photos

How to Make Focaccia

Bake until golden.

Do you enjoy experimenting with difficult recipes? Then there's a group for you in the YumSugar Community: Kitchen Challengers! Here Lauren challenges herself to making focaccia.

I love focaccia but have never made my own, so I thought for challenge 10, I would give it a try! I opted to use a Saveur focaccia recipe. The recipe was actually pretty easy like most breads I have to come realize. It is a process of patience more so than a challenging cooking adventure. I opted to skip the tomatoes and olives, and instead I used a bunch of the fresh herbs, like tarragon, thyme, and rosemary. The final product was pretty tasty, but for me was a little more dense than I would have wished, so I think I will give another recipe a try!

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