LA's Milk Isn't Afraid to Serve Ice Cream in a Sea of Frozen Yogurt

Milk, It Does an Appetite Good

In Los Angeles' sea of frozen yogurt, one place dares to offer real ice cream. Milk on Beverly Blvd, is an ice cream parlor/sandwich shop/bakeshop that holds nothing back when it comes to flavor and taste.

Recently, on a trip to LA, my brother and I hit up Milk to try out some of their tasty treats. It was lunch time, but their ice cream parlor menu — check out a pic of it below — was much more captivating, so we skipped straight to dessert. To read about what we ate, read more.

We were hoping to pig out on everything, but we ended up deciding on one treat each. I went for the Milkie Way Malt and my brother ordered the Blondie Sundae. The blondie was absolutely moist and delicious — which surprised me because I am actually not a very big blondie fan — and it went well with the vanilla ice cream, butterscotch and bits of pecan praline. Each bite was rich and decadent, and I liked how the pecans gave it a unique texture.

While it was difficult to pull myself away from the sundae, I knew that the malt wouldn't let me down. The main base was vanilla ice cream blended with malted milk chocolate chips, which was then topped by swirls of caramel and chocolate and then topped with whip cream and malt balls. The flavors paired well together, but it was actually almost too rich and sweet. I definitely wished I had something savory to offset the sweetness. Yet, that didn't stop me from drinking the whole thing, after all, Milk's homemade ice cream was too good to leave any behind.

Have you guys ever been to Milk? If not, I recommend looking it up if you're ever in the Los Angeles area. But if you fall into a sugar-coma afterwards, don't say I didn't warn you.