Midnight in Paris Oscars Party

Pretend You're in Paris With a French-Themed Fete

Pretend You're in Paris With a French-Themed Fete

Did you get lost in Woody Allen's latest film, Midnight in Paris? Did you find yourself wanting to go back in time with Owen Wilson and experience the Golden Age that was Paris in the '20s? Well, for now at least, you can create your own Parisian Golden Age Oscars party in the comfort of your living room. Dim the lights and light a bunch of candles to cast a romantic energy throughout the room, and play Cole Porter tunes in the background. Serve Champagne in old-fashioned glasses or drink Hemingway's cocktail, Death in the Afternoon. Munch on French-inspired bites throughout the evening and demand that everyone speak in French accents for the entire party.

Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics