Photo Slideshow: How to Turn a Vegetable

How to Tourné Vegetables

You should be left with a football shape. If you're truly skilled, it might even be seven-sided.

I've always been enamored with French technique. Why? Because French technique is to cooking as ballet is to dance: classical, and foundational for everything else in the Western culinary world. Unfortunately, I don't know nearly as much about classical French sauces and knife skills as I wish I did. So, I decided to put myself up to the task of tournéeing, or turning, vegetables into even, elegant elliptical shapes for an aesthetically appealing lamb stew. The result was gorgeous, but I'm quite sure I'll never do it again. It took a ton of work and practice to turn a vegetable just right! But in case you're curious, read on to learn the art of tournéeing a vegetable.