Photos From the Great American Food and Music Festival

A Day at the Great American Food (and Line) Festival

For weeks I was looking forward to attending Serious Eats Great American Food and Music Fest at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA. With big-name celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri, and the best of America's regional cuisine — Katz's pastrami sandwiches, Pink's hot dogs, Tony Luke's Philly cheesesteaks, etc. — it was sure to be a fabulous festival.

Unfortunately, the first-time event was plagued with problems, so much so that the organizer, Ed Levine, published a formal apology. The computerized credit card pay system crashed, the staff was unhelpful and clueless, and, most importantly, the wait to get any food was two hours long! Instead of smiling, contented faces and full bellies, the crowd was hungry, aggressive, and angry.

Luckily, as the day wore on and the crowds thinned out, things got a little better. Fieri and Flay both gave enthusiastic demos in front of cheering fans. The wine-tasting room was uncrowded, the line for bacon was empty, and the chocolate-almond-covered caramel sticks were finger-licking good. Did anyone else attend? What food did you eat?

Walking down to the entrance.

Anne Burrell making scallops and pizza.

The crowd watches Anne's demo.

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Walking down to the entrance.

Anne Burrell making scallops and pizza.

The crowd watches Anne's demo.

Event organizer, Ed Levine, watches on as Anne Burrell makes pizza.

The main stage.

Charles of Charles Chocolates making marshmallows.

The line for burgers.

The burger.

Ice cream.

Junior's cheesecake

There were no lines in the wine tasting tent.

Several wine seminars were held in this tent.

You could smell the barbecue a mile away.

Barbecue sauce.

The grill.

Brisket wrapped in foil awaits grill time.

Homemade smores!

The lines.

More lines.

Everywhere you look are lines!

The line for bacon was too long to wait in.

Lines galore.

The brisket was my favorite dish.

If there are so many BLTs ready, why is the line not moving?

Pasta Pomodoro's free barley salad.

Aida Mollenkamp making a meal for Father's Day.

Bobby Flay signing books.

Guess who was watching the Guy Fieri demo?

Guy Fieri's entourage.

Bobby Flay talks pork tenderloin.

Mmmmm, bacon.

The best dessert ever: chocolate almond covered caramels.