Popover Recipe

The Cure For Ugly Popovers

The Cure For Ugly Popovers

We've got a partnership with the recipe, equipment, and product-testing gurus at America's Test Kitchen. They'll be sharing some of their time-tested recipes and technical expertise with us weekly. Up this week: solutions for all your popover problems, plus a reliable recipe.

The perfect popover rises tall, baking up golden brown with a crisp exterior and custardy interior. Making a popover isn't complicated, but plenty of factors in the kitchen can plague the desired puff and result in a sunken, squat, or just plain ugly specimen. We developed our Perfect Popover recipe to ensure the highest rise and crispiest crust on every freshly baked batch. Along the way, we figured out exactly what makes for a perfect (or pathetic) popover. Read on and see what popover failures we popped up in the test kitchen — and how we addressed all their shortcomings in our final recipe.