Review of MyMixGranola

Sir Mix a Lot

My younger sister is one of those people who absolutely adores breakfast foods – she finds herself eating them all day long. So I was shocked when she said she was swearing off one of her a.m. staples: granola. Always health-conscious, she discovered how high in fat and calories a serving could be. I suggested she try the granola from MixMyGranola, a website that allows you to customize the fixings in your granola and check the fat and calorie content of each serving before ordering. Find out how it works after the jump

First you start by picking your granola base; we tried both the original, organic granola as well as the low-fat granola. Then comes the fun part: you’ve got the option to load up the granola with fruits, nuts, and seeds, plus interesting and quirky extras like crystallized ginger or wasabi peas.

We kept the low-fat granola base simple by stirring in raisins, cranberries, and organic flax seeds. With each addition, you can click the nutrition calculator to check the stats on every serving. For the original organic mix, we chose roasted almonds, dried blueberries, and organic dates.

When the mixes arrived, we were equally excited to pop open the containers and munch away on our granola.

I paired mine with Greek yogurt, while my sister slurped hers with vanilla almond milk. Although we both preferred the taste of the original mix, the low-fat mix held its own in terms of taste and crunch. We loved that both of us could pick and choose exactly how we wanted our granola. How would you mix yours?