Spanish Pantry

13 Pantry Essentials For the Spanish Table

13 Pantry Essentials For the Spanish Table

Spanish specialties — think tapas, paellas, gazpachos, and sangrias — are the stuff that culinary dreams are made of, yet in restaurants, they so often fall short. Why, one might ask? Because part of what makes the cuisine in Spain so magical is the fact that it relies on ridiculously fresh, incredibly high-quality ingredients. (How else do Spaniards get tomatoes on bread to taste so unbelievable?)

Unless you're going to hop on a quick plane to Spain, the next-best solution is procuring top-notch products and making your favorite dishes yourself. Select the freshest seafood you can find, and pick up some manchego and mahón from a respectable cheesemonger. Oh, and stock your pantry with these preferred items. Your palate will be transported to Pamplona in no time.