Does Coffee Dream of Electric Chocolate? New Starbucks Chocolate Reviewed

Mar 3 2008 - 8:30am

This summer a press release went out with limited fanfare. The folks at Hershey's were teaming up with Starbucks [1]. At the time there was very little news available, other than an upcoming Starbucks-branded premium chocolate. The news piqued my interest, but there was no word on when the products would hit the shelves. Turns out it's today.

Using the expertise of Artisan Confection Company — a division of Hershey's that includes Scharffen Berger and Joseph Schmidt — Starbucks has created a line of products to sell in stores. There are three types of chocolate bars, tasting squares and filled truffles. Thanks to FabSugar [2] — who hand-carried these samples back from New York — we were lucky enough to give them a try. If you want to learn more about each flavor, as well as what we thought of them, .

The box the samples arrived in was dramatic. It was a high quality brown box filled with all sorts of goodies. There were six different tasting squares, four truffles, three chocolate bars and covered coffee beans. I thought the bars were better than the squares, and that the truffles were a bit overpowering. The beans on the other hand, were absolutely delicious. Overall, the flavors that paired coffee with chocolate were highly successful, the other tea-inspired flavors, not so much.

Milk Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
This was my favorite thing in the box. FabSugar — who is a bit of a chocolate snob and hates on milk chocolate — even thought they were delicious. Unlike most chocolate covered beans, these are more like ground up beans covered in chocolate. It's a big coating of chocolate on a lovely amount of crunch.

Tasting Squares

Chocolate Bars
There are three flavors of chocolate bars — milk, dark and mocha dark — the flavors are reviewed above, but it should be mentioned that they tasted much better in a thicker bar format. It was nice to have something to sink your teeth into.

So, have you seen the new Starbucks Chocolates — they'll be in large grocery and drug stores retailers soon. If so, have you tried them?

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