Last night the bf was flipping through the channels and landed on a new episode of South Park. The episode itself poked fun at Easter in a Da Vinci Code style. The weirdest thing is I was actually writing a post about how we microwaved Peeps when, what? What is that? They are microwaving Peeps on South Park?!?

Sometimes the universe is wild like that.

So, for today's TV Dinner, I present microwaved Peeps. However, unlike the ones on South Park, ours did not expand to the point where they took over the building and burst out all the windows - but they did expand. We ran three tests and then tried a Peep joust (we didn't have toothpicks so we improvised). Unfortunately, the microwave in our office has a weird screen in front of the window, so we really couldn't see in. This meant no fun video for us (we tried, it looked terrible), so we'll have to show you what happened with still photographs instead.

We put the first Peep in for 15 seconds, it puffed up a tiny bit and deflated into a pile of sticky goo. I preferred the 15 second taste to the 0 second taste. It was warm and a tiny bit more flavorful. I was also surprised because it somehow still managed to look like a bird.

Our tests also ran at 30 seconds, 45 seconds and then a jousting event:

To see the rest of our microwaved Peep adventure (Peep jousting!), and a clip from South Park (while it lasts),  read more

Next we tried upping the time to 30. It puffed up in the middle, got crispy on the sides, and then became golden in the back (note: our microwave's rotating tray thing, doesn't actually rotate). The taste reminded us a bit of roasted marshmallows, which surprised me since where was the roasting?

After seeing a slight burn and only a small puff (it was hard to see through the grate, but we tried our best), we upped the time to 45 seconds. At 45 seconds our Peep more than doubled in size (they deflate immediately after you open the door), became charred on the edges and made the office smell like burnt toast.

We were going to go for 1 minute, but decided that the last two Peeps would be better spent jousting. Unfortunately we didn't have any toothpicks in the office, so we broke off some tines off of a plastic fork and set them up that way. I was expecting one of the tines to pop the other (I think that's the point of Peep jousting), however instead of hating each other, they just merged into one big giant lovefest Peep. I guess our Peeps were lovers, not fighters...

Check out a larger image by clicking on one below, or scroll down for the South Park clip (the exploding Peeps are at the end - and I'm not sure how long til the clip gets yanked from YouTube).