Tartine Bakery Sandwich Pictures

Tartine Bakery's Triple-Threat Sandwiches

Tartine Bakery's Triple-Threat Sandwiches

What happens when a sandwich lover like Between the Bread makes it to bread-baking mecca Tartine Bakery, tries multiple offerings on the menu, and shares her thoughts us with the rest of us? We'll tell you what happens: everyone gets very, very hungry.

I am slowly eating my way through the sandwich menu at Tartine Bakery. First, I made a Tartine sandwich recipe at home, and now I've had the real deal, times three. These are no dainty french sandwiches but rather two-handed handfuls, cut into thirds, each third the size of a normal sandwich half. Check out photos from my first visit as well as a recent return with my mom in the gallery below.

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