Taste Test: Bacon Ranch and Bacon Pop

When I tried Baconnaise for the first time last year, I declared it the best thing since sliced bread. Its savory roundness led me to ponder: if Baconnaise is this good, why buy regular mayonnaise ever again?

I knew, from the way bacon turned up in just about everything, that this was only the beginning for J&D's, the mastermind behind Baconnaise. The latest food concepts up the company's sleeve? Bacon Ranch and Bacon Pop — because, as the motto claims, "everything should taste like bacon." We put it to the test. Should everything really taste like bacon? Read on to find out.

Bacon Ranch: This dry dressing mix makes either bacon ranch dressing or bacon ranch dip. At this moment, even the mere thought of a bowl of bacon ranch dip makes me quiver. First, you're hit with the smoky aroma of bacon, and the palate is flooded with a cool creaminess. Then, the satisfying tang of sour cream, and the unmistakable onion kick of a quality ranch.

Bacon Pop: As a microwave popcorn lover in search of the perfect popcorn flavor mix, I was in love with the idea of Bacon Pop. But tasters agreed that, while popping, it smelled like a mixture of slightly burnt popcorn and bacon bits, and didn't taste like much of anything. Eating it just made me more hungry for an ideal version of microwaveable bacon popcorn.

Although I'd skip out on Bacon Pop, I can't wait to go back for more Bacon Ranch. Not only is it the stuff bacon dreams are made of, but it's a ridiculously easy way to wow guests without any work at all. (I'd love to serve it to people unknowingly, and have them guess what it is.) Have you tried these or any of J&D's bacon products?