Taste Test: Crunch vs. Krackel

Last Friday after hearing the news that Hershey's had changed its chocolate formula, we decided to perform a taste test. Luckily we had the perfect place to host a chocolate taste test — CasaSugar's space at Park(ing) Day! For the taste test, we pitted Nestle's Crunch against Hershey's Krackel. To check out the taste test in action watch the video below!

To see the results, read more.

We blind folded each participant. Next we gave them a bite of Krackel followed by a bite of Crunch. The taster had to answer the following three questions:

  1. Which is the Krackel and which is the Crunch?
  2. Which tastes better?
  3. Which tastes more chocolate-y?

According to our tasters:

  • 47 percent think Krackel tastes better
  • 53 percent think Crunch tastes better
  • 79 percent could identify when blindfolded, while 21 percent guessed wrong!
  • 33 percent thought Krackel was more chocolatey
  • 67 percent thought Crunch was more chocolatey
  • Split on which was crunchier

If you were to choose one, which do you prefer: Hershey's Krackel or Nestle's Crunch?