Taste Test of Fully Loaded Baked Potato Flavor Kettle Chips

Taste Test: Fully Loaded Baked Potato Kettle Chips

We love our Kettle Chips, from Jalapeño to Death Valley Chipotle. So when the company put us up to the Create-a-Chip Challenge, we took it head on, creating flavors like curry ketchup and fully loaded baked potato and uploading them onto the company's online recipe gallery. Perhaps Kettle took some of our ideas to heart, because its newest flavor and the winner of the challenge is — you saw this one coming — Fully Loaded Baked Potato. See what we thought of it when you read more.

With the satisfying crackle of a true Kettle chip and an authentic flavor, these chips are a definite winner. They honestly do taste exactly like a baked spud, with a pronounced smoky flavor to stand in for some bacon bits. It's as if you piled a potato high with smoked cheddar, tangy sour cream, and green onions (all actual potato chip ingredients) then stirred the whole thing until it became completely mixed together.

That's the only part that doesn't completely translate: When I eat a fully loaded baked potato, I never mix everything together; instead, I'm looking forward to the pockets of melted cheddar, bites of cool sour cream, and crunchy bacon moments.

Have you spotted Fully Loaded Baked Potato Kettle Chips? What was your assessment?