Taste Test: Sprinkles Frozen Frosting Shots

Love frosting? Well, I have news for you! For the Summer, everyone's favorite bakery, Sprinkles, has launched a new product: frozen frosting shots. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. For $.75, at all Sprinkles locations, you can actually purchase a shot of frosting that's frozen. Earlier this week, we were lucky enough to receive a large sample of the sugary treats from Sprinkles. To find out how they taste, read more.

The shots come in mini paper cups with rounded pointy tips. They come in five flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and cream cheese. There is nothing special about the frosting, it's the exact same frosting that they use on the cupcakes. When paired with the moist cake, the frosting is creamy and delicious. On its own, however, it's hard to stomach all 2-3 ounces of it. It's very sweet, thick, and extremely buttery.

Although freezing it does provide a nice cooling texture that's similar to ice cream, I could not get through an entire shot. Frosting lovers might go nuts over these, but I was left longing for cake.

Have you ever had a shot of frosting? Is this something you would love to try?