Tasting Notes: Aliança Vinho Verde

Happy Hour: Aliança Vinho Verde

At a Portugese wine event I attended earlier this week, the very first drink I enjoyed, Aliança Vinho Verde ($9), was one of my favorites. "I call it my boating wine," the distributor said to me as he poured me a glass, "because it's so very easy to drink."

Easy to drink indeed. The nonvintage nine percent alcohol Vinho Verde wine — a blend of Azal, Pedernã, Trajadura, and Loureiro grapes — was so light in color it almost looked like water in a glass. At first sip it was crisp, almost weightless in body, and ever-so-slightly effervescent, with an apple-pear bouquet and a medium-dry finish. It was delightful on its own, but would've been even better with some grilled Spring vegetables and seafood at a sun-filled picnic. What's your favorite warm-weather wine?