Top Chef Finale: We have the Top Chef Winner! Let's Dish

Let's Dish: Top Chef 4.14 — In It for the Win

Alright folks, let's just get down to it. Top Chef Season 4 has drawn to a close, and we now have a new chef to join Harold, Ilan, and Hung. What did you think of this season? Are you happy with the outcome? Spoilers after the jump. Tell us all your thoughts in the comments! Answer my questions when you, read more.

  1. I'm thrilled that Stephanie won, how about you? Did you think she would take it?

  2. I've been saying all season long that it was Richard's to lose. What did you think about him telling the judges he choked?
  3. They seemed a teeny bit surprised to have to make dessert. Don't you think they'd just assume that stuff by now?
  4. Did you see Chef Eric Ripert chop carrots? I was so impressed, he wasn't even looking down.
  5. Lisa seemed pretty chipper when she was working with April Bloomfield, no?
  6. As much as I am into Richard's banana scallop, weren't you hoping for something new?
  7. Which menu did you think looked the best?
  8. What was your favorite part of the season?
  9. How did you think this season compared to last?
  10. What sort of surprises do you hope they'll do next season?
  11. Anything else you want to add?

Photos courtesy of Bravo