Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Treat Them with Treats

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Treat Them with Treats

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and we've all got sweeties, best pals or family members who deserve that little something special. To help you figure out what to get everyone, we've put together a bunch of Valentine's Day gift guides. Today I thought we'd start things off with a little non-traditional, non-chocolate food idea! I mean everyone gives chocolate, why not give something else?

For starters I found these adorable marzipan frogs. They're hand-sculpted by renowned New York pastry artist Rebecca Russell. A set of three cute edible frogs is available for $32.00.

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My gal DearSugar found these cute hand-decorated heart-shaped cookies. Available individually or in packs of 6 or 12, these cute creations almost seem too delectable to eat. The standard greeting is "I'm all hearts for you," but you can also purchase a customized single cookie. Costs range from $5.50-$60.

Staying away from chocolate on Valentine's Day is harder than it seems. I tried, but couldn't resist these beautiful chocolate covered oreos. Each one is hand painted with its own pink heart or "Happy Valentine's Day" design. I know many a lady (and gentlemen) who would swoon over these tempting bites. A box of six chocolate covered valentine oreos will set you back $18.50.

Finally a gift that most couldn't refuse: a heart-shaped strawberry cheesecake. Made in Wisconsin this scrumptious creation contains no preservatives, salt, emulsifiers or commercial additives. That means it's practically healthy, right?!? Order one now for $19.95.