22 Exciting Wedding Cake Flavor Ideas

Feb 9 2014 - 3:10am

Whether you're going the DIY [1] route and asking a friend or family member to bake up a cake, or working with a pastry shop, wedding cake design [2] doesn't stop at aesthetics. From ultratraditional (triple chocolate) to tropical and trendy (coconut passion fruit), these flavor combinations will help inspire the most important aspect of your cake: what's inside. Consider our suggestions as just that, the baker or bakery you're working with will likely have ideas of their own, and many of these flavor combinations can be mixed and matched as well. You're sure to be truly inspired:

Chocolate Chocolate mousse Chocolate buttercream or fondant
Vanilla sponge cake Pastry cream and raspberry jam Marzipan
Bittersweet chocolate Vanilla bean buttercream Salted chocolate ganache
Carrot Cream cheese frosting Cream cheese frosting and walnuts or coconut
Lemon pound cake Lemon curd and raspberries Vanilla or lemon buttercream or fondant
Coconut Passion fruit curd Coconut rum buttercream with toasted coconut flakes
Banana walnut Chocolate ganache Chocolate fondant or chocolate buttercream
Almond Cherry preserves Vanilla bean buttercream or fondant
Red velvet Cream cheese frosting or chocolate ganache Cream cheese frosting or chocolate ganache
Devil's food cake Coconut pecan buttercream Dark chocolate ganache
Chocolate mint Crème de menthe chocolate mousse Dark chocolate ganache or buttercream
Champagne Strawberry buttercream Champagne buttercream or fondant
Chocolate Salted caramel Caramel buttercream or chocolate ganache
Spice cake Apple butter Cinnamon buttercream
Chocolate Nutella or peanut butter cream cheese frosting Chocolate ganache with hazelnuts or peanuts
Banana Peanut butter cream cheese frosting Cream cheese frosting
Lemon Raspberry buttercream or vanilla pastry cream with raspberry jam Vanilla buttercream or fondant
Chocolate cinnamon Salted chocolate ganache with almonds Chocolate cinnamon buttercream or mousse
Funfetti (vanilla with sprinkles) Vanilla buttercream Vanilla buttercream with sprinkles or fondant
Dark chocolate Passion fruit curd Chocolate buttercream, mousse, or salted ganache
Lemon poppy seed Lemon curd or lemon buttercream Lemon buttercream or fondant
Apple spice Brown sugar cream cheese frosting or salted caramel Brown sugar cream cheese frosting or caramel buttercream

Source: Flickr user mariachily [3]

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