Emily Cholakian

Look Up

I decided to take inspiration from those balloons and create a fun, playful outfit very similar to those I wore as a... More

Christina Sinclair

Look Up

One of my favorite parts about living in Southern California is the skyline... aka the palm trees (as if my logo... More

Meghan Donovan

look up

Growing up traveling quite a bit my mom used to always say “don’t forget to look up” and it’s amazing all you... More

Joo Kim

Fresh Perspective

Take a technology break and share your photo with smartwater. The smartwater Instgram Challenge encourages you to... More

Julia D.

Take the Challenge

On this particular day, I decided to have a picnic with my boyfriend at the park and take on smartwater’s "look up"... More

Elise Armitage

Look Up

This new-found perspective has also coincided with smartwater’s “look up” Instagram challenge, which encourages... More

Jamie Stone

Looking Up

Living in Los Angeles has really opened up my eyes to the fact that we’re just constantly surrounded by such pure... More

Allison Fannin

Look Up

smartwater is running an Instagram Challenge called “look up” and it had me thinking about what I see, think and... More

Sheridan Gregory

Look Up

That's why I love that smartwater is doing the Instagram challenge "look up" (check it out #lookupsweepstakes). I am... More